White Water Public Relations

We are White Water Public Relations; a Dubai based PR Consultancy Firm. We aspire to be a medium to through which we tell YOUR STORY in the most effective and unique way. We understand our clients’ needs comprehensively and provide them with personalized and customized Public Relations and Communication strategies, helping them to expand their business globally.

Who We Are

With a vision to evolve from the traditional Public Relations strategies in Middle East, we stepped into the industry in 2008. We believe that “We are the New Age Corporate Story Tellers”. Moving away from the cookie cutter strategies, our focus lies on telling your story in the most innovative and successful way.


Being in this field and understanding the pulse of the market, we, as your communications partner, know exactly what you need to propel your business to success. We have learned through the long term relationships we had with our clients which enabled us to broaden our knowledge about the different Public Relations and Communications techniques. Services we provide are:

  • Strategic Consultation
  • Social Media Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Bylined Article Programmes
  • Messaging Workshops
  • Media Training
  • Media familiarity trips to various locations
  • Media Monitoring Service
  • Project Launches
  • Press Office Management
  • Content Management Support
  • Translation
  • Securing Speaking Opportunities in the right forum
  • Support CSR Initiative
  • Internal Communications
  • Developing Newsletters
  • Crisis and Issue Management
  • Event Management Support
  • Manage Global Campaigns




We are based in Dubai yet our affiliated network is felt across Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt and Tunasia. Our wide network helps us in spreading our clients’ message throughout the globe.


We don’t believe in restricting ourselves to a certain industry. What piques our interests is your story. We have launched entrepreneurs, unveiled largest toy exhibition, run campaigns for diabetes prevention and much more.

Some of our esteemed clients are FC Wilson, Haima, Apollo Hospitals, Doha Bank, LG, Subaru, BITS Pilani, VLCC, Harrods Estates and Falken.


How Hollywood Celebrities Use PR for Promotion

To have a successful career in Hollywood is a combination of talent, dedication, perseverance and a strong Public Relations presence. Celebrities are under a constant pressure to find the right work and connect with the audience. Public Relations play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

Role of PR in Hollywood

Public Relations is the art of understanding and maintaining a positive relationship between an organization and its publics.

With reference to the definition, how does PR work for Hollywood celebrities?

Public Relations works at building a positive image for the organization (here, it means the Hollywood celebrity) with the public (i.e. both the general audience and the fraternity).

  • Finding the Right Roles

Hollywood is a fiercely competitive industry. A Hollywood celebrity may have immense talent, but doesn’t guarantee he’ll find work regularly. The first step of a celebrity publicist is to approach the right directors, casting directors and other industry people who will be interested in casting their client. Publicists can organize appearances in events and influencer engagements to strengthen their network and open more opportunities.

  • Image Building

Certain Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert De Niro and many others manage to stay on the audiences’ mind even if they aren’t starring in movies regularly. They are considered bankable actors and favorites among the audiences. That’s the power of a star brand building.

Image building is one of the most crucial roles taken up by Hollywood Celebrities. From setting up interviews with publications, red carpet appearances, charity events and handling social media presence, celebrity publicists work on building a positive image.

The reputation management strategy is a key factor in finding new movie opportunities and connecting with the audience.

  • Crisis Management

One of the toughest jobs of a celebrity publicist is to manage crises. Whether it is to handle a celebrity’s drunken escapades, cases of drug abuse, relationship news or any bad promotion, PRs are vigilant about how their celebrity is portrayed in the media and handle any crisis.

Celebrity publicists arrange press conferences and release official statements to address any issue.

  • Promotion

Whether it is a film or any individual promotion, publicists strategize promotional activities to create a buzz around the celebrity and their work. Rumored celebrity relationships and linkups is a common practice in Hollywood for promotion. Press tours, magazine appearances, interviews and social engagement are some of the tools used by Hollywood publicists.


PR Influence in Tourism Dubai

The world’s becoming a small place and people are transcending physical boundaries to explore the different countries and cities. This has resulted in the growth of Tourism Industry. Maintaining the popularity of tourist destinations is a tough game. With more countries counting on tourism for improving their economy, the competition in the Tourism industry has been massive. Businesses employ different marketing and promotional strategies to attract tourists. And one of the most influential marketing tools is Public Relations. Here is a look at the PR Influence in Tourism in Dubai and other countries.

The PR advantage

Public Relations is defined as the “art of understanding and maintaining a positive relationship between the organization and its public”. Public Relations is crucial in promoting a company’s message and its products and services. Since PR thrives on third party endorsement, Public Relations has more credibility and users are more receptive to its efforts. When leading media outlets or celebrities endorse a company or its products, the audience is easily convinced and more capable of taking action.

This factor makes PR a highly effective weapon for businesses during promotional activities.

When it comes to making decisions about planning a holiday, customers rely on reliable sources. They come to know about other customers’ travel experience, opinions on hotels, restaurants, offbeat tourist places and more. These ‘sources’ may be their inner circle of friends and family, internet influencers, media and their social network.

Public Relations is capable of influencing these major channels and create a buzz around its tourist destination and services. They can promote a tourist destination, increase awareness of its products and services, build a positive image for the destinations and also mitigate crises.

When combined with other tools of the marketing mix, i.e. advertising, direct marketing, personal selling and sales promotion), Public Relations can be a game changer for businesses.

PR Tools Used in the Tourism Industry

Public Relations has various roles in the Tourism industry. Here’s a look at how PR tools are used in the Tourism industry.

  • When it comes to releasing a new product or brand in the market or promoting an event, no tool works as efficiently as Public Relations. With the help of press conferences, press releases, competitions, organizing events and more, PR can garner more public interest.
  • When it comes to forming customers’ opinion, PR employs various tools among which social media play a vital role. The Social media platform is ‘the’ place for word-of-mouth promotions. Users tend to check-in to various places, hotels and restaurants and share their experience. Businesses can leverage this activity to garner promotion. Also, connecting with social influencers can also help in reaching your audience.
  • Celebrity visits and endorsement is a common practice in the Tourism industry. When your favorite celebrity visits a particular spa, hotel or destination, the audience reach and impact is more.
  • Public Relations work as a communicator with both the audience and other parties involved with the business. When it comes to Tourism, PR professionals work to form a partnership with other industries to leverage benefits. For example, a tourist destination can partner with a Food Network and promote their food culture and restaurants through the partnership.

Leverage Public Relations practices and strategies to build your brand image, reach your target audience and keep the tourists flowing into your destination.


White Water PR: Our Unique PR Approach and Services

From starting a PR agency during the global economic crisis in 2008, we have come a long way.

Our vision to provide communication and public relations strategies that don’t fit into the cookie-cutter practices has made us what we are today.

We are White Water Public Relations, a Communications and PR agency in Dubai. We focus on transforming our client’s unique story into a compelling and lucrative strategy. Whenever we are approached for our services, we first thoroughly understand their business, their story, their strengths and weaknesses. Then, we offer customized public relations strategies to achieve the desired objectives. As a PR agency in Dubai, we are the new age storytellers.

When it comes to our clients, we don’t restrict ourselves to a particular sector. What we look for as a PR agency in Dubai is a compelling story and we grab the chance no matter which industry it comes from. Our clients range from the automobile industry, government relations, healthcare, consumer, real estate, corporate, finance, tourism to technology and engineering sector. We have also helped build and promote celebrities.

Some of our clients include FC Wilson, VLCC, Haima, Doha Bank, LG, Subaru, BITS Pilani, Falken, Apollo Hospital, Harrods Estates and Celebrities like Irfan Khan, Suniel Shetty, Gulshan Grover, Anil Kapoor and Michael Roach among many others.

Our Unique Approach

As a PR agency in Dubai, we have built several brands over the years. We take considerable time to understand our clients and their actual requirement. Once we understand every nuance of their business, we begin planning the PR campaign.

We have devised our own methodology, ‘The Organic Tree Approach’ that is followed for every PR campaign. As a PR agency in Dubai, we stay timely, effective, realistic and exciting.

  • Timely: We stay updated so that you stand for the ‘now’ in the economy. We use the newest trends and implement the latest strategies.
  • Effective: Each step is measured to make the entire PR campaign effective.
  • Realistic: We do aim big, but we also know what is realistic, and what is not.
  • Exciting: Amidst the work, we never let go of the fun quotient.

For every campaign, the ‘Key Message’ is the pillar of the campaign. We ensure that they are strong and can carry the PR campaign forward.

‘Strategy’ is another concept we lay in the foundation itself. The strategy later defines the PR campaign implementation.


As a PR agency in Dubai, we are your communications and public relations partner. And we make sure you receive the right strategy to build your brand. Our services include:

  • Strategic Consultation
  • Bylined Article Programmes
  • Messaging Workshops
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Media Familiarity trips
  • Media Monitoring
  • Project Launches
  • Messaging Workshops
  • Press Office Management
  • Content development
  • Translation services
  • CSR Activities
  • Internal Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Management
  • Developing Newsletters
  • Social Media Marketing


The Importance of Public Relations in the UAE

Public Relations plays the most significant role in every business. A lot of renowned companies withuniversal brands today have reached the highest ranks in the market with the support of Public Relations.

Good Public Relations agencies are the best mediators between the company and its publics.They shape and sustain a favorable image for the organization in addition to creatinga favorable relationship between the organization and the public.

The Public Relations in the UAE represents the high standards of quality and ethical conduct forconsultancy firms. There are over 100 Public Relations agencies across the Middle East.

The biggest advantage of Public Relations Agencies is that they bring credibility factor inpromotion. They also have a better knowledge about what strategies will work effectively in the growth and development of the organization. The Public Relations use a lot of different channels to socialize and promote the products/services, such as advertising in the newspaper, magazine, television, radio and the internet.

Public Relations firms in the UAE:

Public Relations organizations in theUAE, today, have noticed a hike in business over the past two years. These firms have indulged themselves in landing major government contracts and supported a whole lot of multinational brand clients by pushing for better results in the effort to stay in the public eye. They take up contracts from large and small business firms.

The majority of the business industry in UAE have focused their promotions with the aid of Public Relations firms. These business firms want their PR agencies to handle their digital strategy and also incorporate media buying and advertising to reach a larger audience.

In fact, the PR firms seem to be more valuableas they bring higher profit on investment with their favorable media coverage and advertising techniques. They reach out to the public with the help of their specialized PR strategists, publicists, and creative team.

The Role of Public Relations:

The role of PR Agencies is to create and maintain constructive relations in different interested publics and public sectors. Many large business firms have a separate department for these services or hire PR firms. They provide their creative ideas and techniques to reach out the audience and promote, thus providing a growthin the business.

PR include themselves in various activities to build and maintain long-term and positive relations with thelarge publics. On the whole, they not only promote the business’ products/services but also create a good image of the company to the public which is a long-term asset.

Public Relations in the Tourism Industry

Behind every successful business, there is a group of individuals who are responsible for building a strong brand image that translates into sales. These individuals are recognized as PR professionals.These experts with specialized knowledge promote the firm’s products or services in a favorable light through PR strategies.

Public Relations create and maintain your brand by building healthy relations with various publics in the company’s interest. The whole purpose of their business is to get their client the topmost name inthe targeted audience. The main aim of PR includes using intermediaries to communicate with the business’ customers/clients and to influence them about the organization’s products and services. It boosts the organization’s credibility by operating through numerous trusted channels.

The Role ofPR in Tourism

The primary goal of PR in the tourism industry is to stimulate a desire to travel and then turn their desire into the purchase of tickets. Public Relations play a specialized role in this process. They not only stimulate them but also make sure to provide them the best experience in the destination. They also reinforce the quality of the product and services against negative publicity.

The Travel Public Relations have a different approach in capturing the attention of the public. They first approach them by stimulating a desire to visit a place, then they arrange for travelers to reach it by making it certain that they are comfortable, well treated and entertained. The PR ensure travel safety as well.

The interest to travel can by conveyed to the public via magazines, newspapers, articles, brochures, internet presentations, travel films or videos. The PR agencies appeal targeted audience by creating special discounts and other schemes for trips. They keep a target audience in mind and design trips that would be suitable for them.

Public Relations and Tourism

The PR firms always provide a unique way of representing the organizations in bringing out the visibility of their products and services to the Public. Large and Small Companies are aided by the Public Relations Agencies to build their images through travel and tourism brochures and advertisements.

The PR agencies promote improved understanding between the operators and their public. The operators in the industry of tourism utilize Public Relations in order to raise the market demand. In conclusion, the Travel Public Relations aims at bringing contentment to the public as well as bringing greater profits for the tourist operators.


The Role of Public Relations in the Banking Sector

With the banking sector growing at a faster rate, the competition is massive. To sustain a long-term position in the industry, banks need to build a positive image. A favorable brand image is the key to gaining the trust, loyalty and positive opinion of your customers, investors, stakeholders and more. Public Relations is the most effective way of attaining this favorable corporate image in the banking sector.

How PR Agency helps Banks?

Public Relations is responsible for maintaining good communication with the organization and its publics (both external and internal).

Promotional Activities

In the banking sector, a PR agency works at communicating the banks’ key messages to the audience, stakeholders and investors. It ensures that the credibility of the information is maintained and the bank’s key objective is achieved.

Through media channels, PR agencies in the banking sector help publish information about the bank, its message, new products, announcements and other key information. This is aimed at reaching the audience and also assuring the stakeholders about the profitability of the bank.

Brand Building

To survive the competitive banking sector, it is crucial for banks to have a strong brand. This will persuade audiences to choose the bank and its services every time. Also, in the long run, a positive brand image can translate into brand loyalty and goodwill.

A PR agency works at portraying a positive image for the bank by maintaining transparency of information between the company and audience. They also work on organizing events and press conferences to instill confidence in the minds of the audience.

Crisis Management

Another situation that PR agencies focus on is crisis management. PR agencies are always armed to face any situation and hence analyze any possible risk in the future. When it comes to an unplanned crisis, they focus on bringing out the company’s side of the story to maintain them in good light.

PR Strategies

PR agencies in the banking sector employ various PR strategies to let their voice be heard among their competitors. Whether it is to promote a new product or maintain their brand value in the market, they use different promotional and PR strategies. Celebrity endorsements, social responsibility and press events are some of the commonly used PR strategies.

White Water PR is a Dubai-based PR agency providing public relations and communication services. They offer personalized PR strategies that focus on propelling their clients’ message to a wide audience. They are experienced in handling PR activities for various banks including Doha Bank, HDFC and Capinnova Bank.

Why Public Relations can be beneficial for your company

For an organization to develop and grow, numerous marketing techniques are employed. From Advertising, promotion to publicity, they use their own strategies to fulfill their objectives. While they can prove fruitful, Public Relations have gained huge attention and demand in the marketing world. Nowadays, with the competition heating up, companies are more concerned about building its image and reputation.  Public Relations is one of the prime mediums through which this can be achieved. There are several advantages of using Public Relations. Here is a look at the most important benefits your company can reap from PR.

  1. Credibility

Whenever public are exposed to advertisements, they view them as tactics used by the company to increase product sales. Even though the advertisement may be clever, they never really believe or trust what is being said. Public Relations run mainly due to third-party endorsement. Articles and press releases written in the favor of the company are considered to hold more credibility than the ads. Audiences trust the media as a credible source and so the articles have more effect. For example: if there is a positive review about a product in a magazine or any other channel, public are more likely to buy it.

  1. Information

When it comes to advertisements, catch phrases and slogans are used to convey a message. They do not provide much information about the product and the company. However, articles talk in detail about the product. This helps in making them understand what it really is. Also when it comes along with reviews, it holds more value.

  1. Viral effect

The biggest advantage of PR is the reward you get from a small activity. For example, you submit an article in one news channel and if it is worthy, it is carried on by different channels. So you end up getting more coverage while paying less. That is why Public Relations is considered for providing a high rate of interest.

  1. Cost effective

Usually Public Relations don’t cost as much as the other marketing activities and are the right option when you are running low on a budget. Though you may shell out more depending upon the media agency, it will definitely provide more effective in the long run.

  1. Long-term perspective

Instead of increasing sales, Public Relations are focused on building a company’s image in the minds of the public. This is done by forming relationship with both customers and media. By answering customers’ queries and responding to their feedbacks, they establish a connection with them. Once the audience feels connected, they tend to become brand loyalties. This is a huge goodwill for a company. Also, when a company is in good terms with the media, they can always use them to create awareness.

Whether a company is small or huge, they can use Public Relations to build a strong and growing business.

PR Agency in Dubai

White Water PR is a PR agency in Dubai offering public relations and communication solutions to global clients. White Water PR was incepted in the summer of 2008, with a vision to provide customized PR solutions to our clients. They are the new-age storytellers and they bring out their clients’ story by introducing innovative PR strategies.

White Water PR works with global clients from across various industries. Right from Real Estate, International properties, Consumer, Healthcare, Government Relations, Automobile, Technology and Engineering, Corporate, Finance, Education, Tourism to Celebrities, White Water PR is not industry-specific and always open to working with different clients.

This PR agency in Dubai offers its global clients an extensive network of reaching their audience from different parts of the world. Based in Dubai, White Water PR has an affiliate network across Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and India. They are also a part of the 3AWW Network with corporate offices in Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Miami. They also have 40 affiliate agencies in Europe. With this global approach, White Water PR is able to offer its clients the best channel to reach the worldwide audience and strengthen their communication efforts globally.

PR Solutions

As a PR agency in Dubai, our first step in providing public relations strategies deeply understands the brief and our clients’ background. We adopt our own methodology – The Organic Tree approach, which brings in timely, effective, exciting and realistic factor to our strategies. This approach helps White Water PR in driving the clients’ message to the audience and persuades them to take action.

White Water PR provides the following services: Media Relations, Strategic Consulting, Crisis management, Bylined Article Programmers, Media Training, Media Workshops, Media Familiarity trips, Content Development, Internal communication and CSR activities, Social Media Marketing, Event Management, Project launches and Translation.


Top PR firm in Dubai


Choosing the right PR firm can be a game changer for your business. A top PR firm in Dubai understands the intricacies involved in succeeding in the industry. They are aware of what makes ‘news’, the right strategies to propel the message and the proper channel to deploy the news.

PR agencies in Dubai are also equipped with the right connections. With their years of experience in the field, they have vital contacts in the media industry. Also, they know how to tackle and get through the toughest of media personnel to help promote their story.

The reason why top PR firms in Dubai are preferred by businesses is the neutral perspective they offer. Unlike an in-house PR agency, they are not part of the company and can offer an unbiased opinion. This helps in understanding problems in a different view and provides out-of-the-box opinions and strategies.

White Water PR is one of the top PR firms in Dubai. Started in 2008, White Water PR aims at providing custom public relations and communication solutions to clients based on their specific requirements. White Water PR doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter practices. They focus on implementing creative and personalized strategies to push the clients’ message to the audiences.

What excites White Water PR is the clients’ unique story. They employ PR strategies to instill this story into the minds of the customers by employing Public Relations strategies.

This top PR firm in Dubai has worked with clients spanning different industries. They have worked with 200-year-old companies, startups and government agencies to share their story. Some of their clients include the Morocco Delegation, WATO, Aon Hewitt, Capinnova Bank, Vienna Tourism Board and many other global clients.

Their services include Strategic Consulting, Content Development, and Crisis and issue management, Media Monitoring, Media Relations, Media Training, Internal communication, securing speaking opportunities, Event Management Support, Bylined Article Programmers and Social Media communication.

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