Media Monitoring Services in Dubai

The influence of media is humongous in today’s world. From the most trivial aspect to life-changing decisions, media has a huge impact on an individual’s perspective. This makes it essential for organizations to monitor what goes around the media regarding their brand, services or products.

Media also act as a channel through which advertising, marketing and public relation strategies are deployed. Ensuring the message has been given out and reached the audience in the same context is crucial to guarantee effectiveness of the campaigns.

All these reasons call for media monitoring services.


What is Media Monitoring?

Media Monitoringis the act of gathering information from both traditional and social media relating to one’s business, products and services by using various tools. The resulting information turns to substantial media intelligence which can be used by the organization for formulating further media campaigns and also to analyze what is being said about them on the media.

Benefits of Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring services are provided by various PR companiesand Media Monitoring companies. Here are some of the advantages of media monitoring.

  1. Track media attention:Media monitoring services is the best way to track the coverage the organization is receivingin newspapers, blogs, TV, social media and other media channels. You can gauge the amount of attention your stories are receiving.
  2. Understand public opinion: When you monitor what is being said about you, you can also comprehend the tone in which it is received by the audience. Whether there is positive, negative or neutral response. This can be helpful in formulating future strategies. It also gives the companies an opportunity to correct misinterpretation message and manage negative feedback.
  3. Immediate customer response:When organizations are continuously engaged with their audience, it gives them a platform to address any queries or feedback quickly and seamlessly.
  4. Participate in industry conversion: Organizations can discover groups which are renowned among their industry segment and take part in the conversation. This activity can build the company reputation among the players of the market segment.
  5. Identify new trends: By being part of the market conversations, organizations can monitor the pulse of the market and also identify and use new trends of the market.
  6. Reach potential customers: Organizations can identify people who are in need of their product and contact them directly.
  7. Building relationships: Through constant interaction and conversations, organizations can build customer relationship which will be a huge asset for the company in the long run.

Media Monitoring Services in Dubai

Many PR companies in Dubai  and Media Monitoring companies offer the services of media monitoring. This includes collecting information like content published, editorial and public opinion which results in actionable media intelligence. These Media Monitoring and PR companies also help in analyzing and interpreting public opinion and formulating ideas for future marketing strategies.


Public Relations Consultancy

In this fiercely competitive world, companies are always on the lookout for strategies that push them towards the top. Most recently, the influence of media has never been so prominent and so companies have started employing Public Relations in their marketing strategies. However, in the process of emulating the other’s tactics, companies have failed to realize the vast potential of Public Relations

What is Public Relations?

According to one of the many definitions of Public Relations, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” It is the act of developing a cordial relationship between the organization and their public which includes stakeholders and general public.

Public Relations services can be carried out by either an in-house PR department or a Public Relations Consultancy.

Functions of a PR firm

Public Relations and Advertising are commonly misunderstood. Though their main objective of creating brand awareness and building the company’s image, is the same, they are completely different and have a different approach altogether.

While Advertising relies on paid form of advertising, Public Relations utilize earned or free media to spread their message. Through editorial coverage and third-party approval, Public Relations formulate the public opinion and sculpt the image of the company.

  • Analyze Public Opinion

The most vital function of a PR firm is to understand, analyze and anticipate the public opinion towards the company, its products and service. PR consultancies try to understand whether the public has a favorable or a negative opinion towards the company. They also analyze the factors which affect their decision. This research is crucial as it forms the basis of the campaign’s objectives.

  • Plan of action

Based on their research and evaluation of the public opinion, PR consultancies deduce a plan of action which will alter the image of the company in a favorable way. Deploying PR strategies and tactics, PR firms try to create a positive image of the company in the minds of the consumer. They are professionals and hence they grasp the positives of the company and showcase it to the audience. The strategies are then planned and implemented. After the campaign, they analyze the result and work on future plans.

  • Media communication

The main source for deploying their strategies is the media. PR consultancies work on building positive relationships with the media.

  • Counsel

Since they are an outsider to the company, they are able to deduce internal crisis with a third-person perspective. They act as a counsel in formulating management policies. They act as a representative for the company and help in mitigating crisis.

Role of Public Relation in Healthcare Industry


The rapidly developing scientific and medical advancement has taken the Healthcare industry to new dimensions. To keep the pace and to stay ahead, Pharmaceutical business, Biotech industry and Healthcare providers’ need to form a strong voice and presence has never been so crucial.

Factors affecting the Healthcare Industry

  • Competition:The development and availability of higher-end technology has made this industry brimming with competition. The rising competition has made it more difficult for the industries to stand out from the crowd. The need for brand recognition, a strong consumer reach and extensive network is at an all-time high.
  • Scrutiny:These days, strict scrutiny and guidelines are being applied on the industry. Unawareness about these rules can hamper the company severely. A proper guidance is vital to tackle the obligations.
  • Knowledgeable patient community:With the influence of Internet, the patient community is more informed about the diseases and the symptoms. Medical forums and group discussion on online platforms are providing answers for the patient’s numerous queries. Patients come forward to hospitals only to gather information about pharmaceutical practices and drug usage.

In this case, Public Relations play a major role in establishing prominence of Healthcare providers in this dynamic and complex market. Public relations assist in 4 main areas.

  1. Communication

A Healthcare Industry has multiple audiences where a customized message needs to be instilled in the minds of every sector of the public. For a Pharmaceutical industry, their target audience is both the customers and the physicians. They need to bring forth the benefits of using the medicine to the customers. Whereas, in terms of physicians, they must spring out why this medicine or drug is better and why they should prescribe the same to their patients.

This diverse message must be delivereddistinctly and that’s when Healthcare Public Relations steps in. They act as the bridge between the public and company.

  1. Credibility

Healthcare sector runs importantly on credibility. A reputation of a Healthcare provider forms the fate of the company’s enhancement. Public Relations incorporate its advantage of third-party endorsement to show the company in good light. When a person, not even remotely related to the company, speaks in favor of it, the impact on the audience is higher. Through articles and reviews, Healthcare Public Relations form a positive opinion.

In this sense, Brand recognition plays a crucial role. Public Relations agencies specialized in Healthcare provide superior counsel and strategic planning in creating a strong brand.

  1. Counsel

Public Relations offer an outsider’s perspective during crisis. This gives a different outlook to the problems and assists in tackling the same. In case of strict guidelines and procedures, these Public Relation firms provide useful counsel on the ever-changing procedures of the industry.

  1. Media Relations

To make the company’s presence felt, Healthcare Public Relations firms utilize their extensive network of media relations to make the company’s presence felt. Introducing the brand in industry events, news articles and business meets spikes the interest of the consumers, resulting in more recognition.

In a nutshell, Public Relations in Healthcare industry help in,

  • Establishing and maintaining a strong and positive Brand recognition.
  • Conducting product launch and other corporate events.
  • Incorporating PR activities such as press release, news and articles to create buzz.
  • Fostering the company’s relationship with media and professionals.

The Role of PR in Fashion Industry

Fashion is one industry which is ever-changing and it is hard to find a permanent place in. Every struggling fashion designer knows the enormous challenges they face to bring their collection into the limelight. Even the top-brands and haute names in the industry are always on their toes to face new competition. What gives a player in the world of haute couture a distinctive edge? Public Relations. The world of Fashion is all about creating new trends and creating buzz. It’s about attracting attention and keeping the people engaged. When the competition is always brimming, Public Relations is the perfect tool to propel your business forward and make a mark in the industry.

Why Public Relations are important?

pr agency is all about building a positive brand image and building healthy relationships between the organization and the public and the media. When it comes to Fashion industry, publicists make sure that they do just that.

  • Media relations: For a fashion brand, the main channel through which they can reach their audiences is through the media. Whether it is press releases or articles, they are a platform to pitch stories and ideas. This involves writing interesting and upbeat articles and get them posted in top fashion magazines. Public Relation consultancies are in constant touch with editors to come up with new ideas and also meet editor’s requests. It also includes writing about the fashion runways and upcoming fashion lines.
  • Image building: The biggest challenge is to build a firm and positive image in the minds of the public and other fashionistas. This can be done by strategizing and developing promotional activities such as shows and events. Every event must reflect the image of the company. Giving a mixed message to the audience can be a big negative. For example: if your fashion line is all about quirkiness and modern fashion then all the events, articles you write, needs to echo the same message.
  • Positive coverage: Every time a brand is in a positive light, it garners more attention. Whether it is through social responsibility activities or other charity events, when the brand is associated with good public relations and is in the news for a good cause, it automatically increases the interest of the viewers. Word of mouth is one powerful weapon which can make or break a brand. If you are able to create a positive image in one medium, immediately your voice will be felt everywhere. That is the biggest advantage of Public Relations.
  • Credibility: When a third person talks about your line in an optimistic way, it holds more credibility and people readily accept it.
  • Crisis management: Public Relations can be the right channel through which you can mitigate damages caused to your brand image and address complaints.
  • Celebrity connection: With good publicity such as including celebrities to your name can provide an added advantage. Public Relation professionals hold valuable contacts which can help you in giving that extra publicity.

Corporate PR Consultants

Before understanding the need for Corporate PR Consultants, it is paramount to first understand why Public Relations is necessary for every corporation. Every organization deploys their cleverest marketing and advertising strategies to increase sales and their market presence. Public Relations is another vital strategy which when employed in the right way can be advantageous for the organization.

What exactly is Public Relation?

This is one question which has way too many answers and cannot be encapsulated in just one definition. In short, Public Relations is the idea of maintaining good relationships with the public and the media. It is also an art of building a positive image of the organization in the minds of the public.

Why do you need Public Relation?

Most organizations just take the Public Relations route only because everyone seems to be doing it. It is necessary to understand the benefits of Public Relations because only if you understand it’s true potential can you utilize it to the maximum.

  • Worthiness: Customers do get attracted to advertisements; however, it is a rarity when they actually find credibleness in it. This is not the case with Public Relations. Since the organizations are shown in a positive light by a third person (for example: media), it holds more worth and public tend to pay more attention.
  • Connect with public: Whether it’s by providing more information about a product or address the public’s queries directly, Public Relations gives you the platform to connect with your audience.
  • Effective and Lucrative Marketing Strategy: Public Relations work on a viral effect. Once news picks up attention, it spreads like wildfire to other mediums. So with one source, your message travels far. This makes Public Relations the most cost-effective marketing strategy.
  • Long-term investment and return: Public Relations focus on the long-term perspective. It is an investment when made at the right time and employed in the right way can help you garner rewards in the long run.

Corporate PR Consultants

public relations consultancy can be beneficial as they carry a distinctive edge from the in-house PR departments.

  • Immense knowledge and experience: They have been in the field for a long time, understanding the tricks of the business. When you use a media agency, they know exactly what tools to use, when to use and which channel to deploy them in.
  • Valuable Contacts: They hold strong relationships with both media and other channels which can be useful when you want to push your story forward.
  • Third person perspective: Being the outsiders in your organization, they view problems in a different outlook and can present unbiased solutions.

There are various traditional and new media tools and tactics used by Public Relation consultancies.

  • Writing press releases, speeches and articles
  • Public speaking and Crisis Management
  • Social Media Interactions and Organizing events
  • Developing promotional strategies
  • Media relations and Media Monitoring
  • Corporate Image Building
  • Internal communication

Media Monitoring Services

We constantly use media as a platform to promote an organization where you apply strategies and tactics to maximize your impact on the audience. It doesn’t stop with just planning media activities; you need to monitor what the media has to say about you.

Media Monitoring is the process of monitoring what the print, online and broadcast media has to say about your organization; whether it is a positive or negative response, is the attention directed to your organization, your brand or an issue related to your brand.

Why do you need media monitoring?

There are numerous reasons for monitoring the media

  • Firstly, you can analyze how effectively you have been communicating with your audience.
  • Is your key message reaching your audience?
  • You are immediately alerted if there is something bad or good spoken about you.
  • You can find out what your competitors are up to and also understand the industry trends.
  • Determine if your media activities are a success. It can also act as a tool to analyze the result of a media campaign or promotion.
  • You can also identify new social media and news trends which can help in coming up with impactful PR agency campaigns.
  • Analyze the opinion and reactions of media and audience regarding your product, messages and campaigns.

You can find the amount of attention your story gets on media. Based on the media type (newspapers, online), the geographical reach, story size, audience share and type of coverage, you can calculate the prominence of a particular news or story. The next step is to find if there is a positive, negative or neutral response for your news. The tone in which your news is portrayed in the media is extremely crucial. You can also have a complete list of what quotes (from your CEO, representatives) is mentioned in the media.

Benefits of media monitoring is plenty, so make sure you use the right tools for analyzing and monitoring the media.

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