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The Role of Public Relations in Education

The Public Relations Agencies play a crucial role in the field of education. They act as a planned and systematic management to improve the services of the organization. Their main role in the educational organization is to assist the students and work with the parents and other groups in the institutions. The information and other details about the institution’s events are circulated by the Public Relations Officers.

In any field of work, the prime duty of the public relations consultancy is to create creditability for the organization. The same thing is done even in education. This will help for a successful implementation for the growth of the institution. They develop strong relationships with the alumni, lecturers, staff and other people in the institution.

The work of the Public Relations in education is to deal with the student recruitments, campus controversies, alumni relations, child care, special student needs, trade schools and the other events of the institution.

Functions of Public Relations in Education

The PR offices work in the educational institutions to promote community output, provide solutions, act as the key contact for media, provide written news releases, design all levels of communication, conduct public relations research, surveys and most of all train employees in the importance of the job.

All the educational institutions should have a Public Relations Agency for a successful functioning and brand reputation. Sometimes, the PR’s job is also to introduce the students to new courses. It widens and increases the visibility and scalability of the educational institution.

The Public Relations Agencies are more preferable than the advertising agency in most of the cases. This is because the client gets a great reputation of his brand in a short span of time. The Public Relations work in highlighting the positives of their clients. In the field of education, this includes the background of the institution, the courses offered, the achievements of the students, the handwork of the staff and much more.

Benefits that the PR brings to Educational Institutions

The Public Relations helps the educational institution in many ways. Some of the most highlighted factors of the Public Relations are that they expand the number of applications, get a reputed image for the institution, improve internal relations and community relations and also stay in contact with the alumni.

The Public Relations helps in receiving instant feedback in the institution. They post various events and shows in order to help the relationship between the organization and its public. They raise awareness in helping other students and parents to join the institution for its all balanced positives like creativity, intellectuality, sports, and other attractive activities.


PR Relations with Celebrities

Competitiveness is the very definition of the film industry. And since the very beginning, celebrities need to publicize themselves if they want to stick around for a long time. And this also applies for movies. If the audience is not aware of your film or it fails to garner interest, your film is doomed, no matter how good your content is.

public relations consultancy is the most crucial strategy to stay relevant and maintain a positive image within the people’s mind. The film industry’s two biggest players – Hollywood and Bollywood, give importance to public relations.

Here’s a look at Public Relations’ influence in the Hollywood and Bollywood industry.

How PR works in Hollywood

The work of publicists in the Hollywood industry is a tedious journey. Publicists are constantly involved in handling their A-list clients’ PR activities.

Whether it is building a positive image or handling the bad press and crafting a better image for a celebrity’s drunken escapades, PR firms work at maintaining a favorable image in the public. Apart from public image maintenance, PR agents help celebrities in sealing multi-million dollar movie deals and future projects.

PR relations of celebrities are the most common practice followed in the Hollywood industry. Right from the very-public Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart relationship to Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco short-but-unconfirmed relationships, PR agents use relationships to promote their respective projects.

PR works in Hollywood at a very fierce level with every celebrity aiming towards better coverage and positive public attention.

PR Influence in the Bollywood Industry

Earlier, posters and trailers were the biggest media to promote films in the Bollywood industry. But now, production companies need to muster larger, innovative ways to ignite interest in the minds of the audiences.

Some actors have a larger-than-life star presence and their movies do well irrespective of the promotions involved, say, any movie, which stars Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and the other A-listers. But creating such a huge impression in the minds of the audience is what PR firms work hard at.

Nowadays, PR firms are constantly involved in promoting their films in different ways, say, appearing on popular TV shows and reality programs. Celebrities also appear in interviews on popular media channels and internet blogs.

Co-branding movies and products is also a popular method of garnering huge interest of the public. This kind of strategy works best when there is a common ground between the movie and the particular brand.

This strategy worked brilliantly for the Hrithik Roshan-starrer “Krrish” as they partnered with the popular coloring brand ‘Rangeela’. Since the movie and the brand shared a common audience comprising children, this strategy worked for both the movie and the product.

PR Relations with Celebrities

Here are some of the common duties practiced by PR agents with celebrities

  • Handling short-term crisis, involving misquotation, accidents, alcoholic incidents and various other sudden crises situations. This also includes mitigating bad press over a longer time to build a favorable public image.
  • Find opportunities for new movies, red carpet appearances and setting up interviews with leading publications and media channels.
  • Establish new connections to promote their celebrities for new opportunities.
  • Track news related to the celebrities and tackle situations in case of false accusations. This also includes taking down celebrity photos and articles in case of any copyright violation.
  • Build celebrity online image by handling their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The film industry is a tough spot, where every celebrity works extremely hard making their presence known. Public Relations can be the best way for celebrities to build a favorable image and stay long in the industry.

White Water Public Relations

White Water Public Relations is a PR agency in Dubai offering public relations and communication strategies. Founded in 2008, White Water believes in transforming the public relations scenario in the UAE. Handling varying clients across the world, White Water PR has made a niche for itself in the world of PR agencies.

White Water PR is based in Dubai and holds an extensive affiliate network across Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They are aptly located through various international locations, giving them the opportunity to spread their clients’ message throughout the world.

The White Water Approach

White Water Public Relations, the Dubai-based PR agency, believes that every business and every person have a unique story. This story is powerful enough to make a lasting mark. White Water takes this unique story and presents it in a way that makes noise. They are unique storytellers who implement unique strategies, rather than cookie-cutter strategies, to promote the story.

This PR agency in Dubai understands the clients’ requirements to provide a personalized approach to achieving success. They aim to spread the clients’ message in the most innovative way possible, allowing it to reach a larger audience.

White Water Services

White Water PR, the UAE based PR agency, provides communications and communications services to its clients. With their many years of experience in this industry, they know exactly how to push the clients’ brand to the next level. Their services include:

  • Strategic Consultation
  • Bylined Article Programmes
  • Messaging Workshops
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Media Familiarity trips
  • Media Monitoring
  • Project Launches
  • Messaging Workshops
  • Press Office Management
  • Content development
  • Translation services
  • CSR Activities
  • Internal Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Management
  • Developing Newsletters
  • Social Media Marketing

White Water Clients

White Water PR doesn’t restrict itself to any particular sector or industry. The PR agency in Dubai has handled from startups to 200-year old companies. They look out for that compelling story which they can use to propel the business to a wider audience.

From education, tourism, government agencies, corporate business, finance, technology, healthcare, automobile, real estate to celebrities, White Water PR has handled different clients from different categories.

Some of their elite clientele include Subaru, Falcon Tires, Haima, FG Wilson, mCarbon, Harrods Estate, Kanz Jewels, Bruce Lee Perfumes, Chaps (Another Brand from the House of Ralph Lauren). They have also provided their PR services to Irfan Khan, Gulshan Grover, Suniel Shetty, Anil Kapoor and many more.


Job Positions in the Public Relations Industry

What does the public relations consultancy really mean? The first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks of a PR firm, is representing the business to the public. Well, in short, this can be one, but there are so many other positions in the Public Relations Industry that many people are unaware of. Let’s take a look at some of the most important positions in the Public Relations Sector.

The top priority of the Public Relations Agencies is to conduct and take part in activities such as events, meetings, educational programs, speaking engagements, media relations and other communications. PR agencies make use of media to reach a huge target of audience. This will, in turn, help them bring powerful revenue for their clients. The top priority of the Public Relations is in generating media coverage; this will bring great bottom-line benefits to the firm.

A public Relation Officer is always straightforward and strong in what he communicates. This will help him hold the reputation of a good business. The Public Relations Organizations are at a high scale in the present scenario, since they stand as the best solution to bring good visibility and reputation to business sector with an innovative and professionalized expertise. Some of the most popular job roles in the PR industry are as follows.


A copywriter is usually a writing professional, who writes articles and other marketing content for publicity and visibility for their clients. They do it on behalf of their clients. Their writing includes press releases and blogs and many more articles.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager holds a position in an agency or an in-house team. They work in order to visualize the brand’s identity over the internet and other social networking sites. They also interact with the public and conduct campaigns.


A publicist works directly with the clients in order to discuss and bring out innovative strategies. They identify the best ways in bringing out powerful and successful results for clients. Most of them also build rapport with celebrities and other media related agencies.


The spokesperson often takes the pedestal in most of the meetings. He has a good power over speech and language, often well at elocution. He does the job of making statements on behalf of his client’s company in order to execute their brand over a large targeted audience.

Public Relations Specialists

A PR specialist often plays the most important role in connecting with the press. He is almost as a journalist, or either he hires journalists to perform the best for his clients. They work to bring the clients brand image into a positive light, thereby increasing revenue and visibility for the same.

The Role of Women in Public Relations

Women play the most important as well as the most popular role in Public Relations Agencies. The role of Women is marked as the most important factors in most of the business sectors and industries for so many optimistic reasons. As for now, let’s look at the role that women play as Public Relations Officers and their importance in the PR Industry. A study shows that women hold 61% to 85% of all jobs in the Public Relations Agencies. Out of which 59% of them hold the post of a manager in the industry.

The Importance of Women in the Public Relations Industry

Women play an important role in the PR organizations for many important reasons.  One peculiar reason is that women make good managers and strong leaders in the business. They come up with innovative skills and expertise and are well specialized in listening and emphasizing with their clients. It a matter of fact the most f the women holding the most senior position in the PR organization had invested higher returns on equities, by more than a third.

Why do women play an optimistic role in most of the PR Organizations?

Women always play the best role in most of the business industry, no matter what position they take up, they tend to make themselves the best in whatever they perform. They are passive listeners, make themselves social. They tend to take part in the current events and the most focused individual in the business sector.

Women connect on a deeper level when it comes to communicating with clients and making suitable decisions for them as well. They tend to be more sincere in satisfying the needs of the client perfectly. A study shows that women tend to be more social than men in the Public Relations Agencies. They use smart phones more than men in order to seek interaction and are more likely to make connections and build quick relationships with strangers. This is a huge optimistic advantage when it comes to the role of business.

Another research also states that women are more collaborative, social work best in teams. The main reason for women to stand the best position in the Public Relations is they develop better client relations which are a huge benefit to the score high bottom-line results in for the particular business. Most of the companies that perform well financially are mostly being dominated and held high positions by women.

The Role of Public Relations in Luxury Hotels

Public Relations have become a primary concern for various business sectors.  With rich expertise, they create innovative tactics and strategies to reach a wide range of audience in order to increase profit for a particular business, regardless of the industry or sector. PR agencies are not just about promoting or marketing, but they build real relationships with the public on the behalf of their client’s business.

They are less expensive than advertising and work in order to intensify their client’s business. Most of the hotels find the easiest way to reach out to their target audience via social networking. However, the most effective way of reaching to them, in order to achieve best bottom-line results for the business, is by confronting them through the Public Relations firm. They bring awareness of the special, unique and outstanding quality of their client’s business.

Why do Hotels Require PR Agencies?

Public Relations are a must in the industry of Hotels and Hospitality. The PR agencies dedicate themselves to the direct strategies that help in maximizing the exposure of the campaign. They mark their core to success by planning to invest innovatively. Luxury hotels look up to advertisers, hotel marketers and public relations in order to increase the visibility of their brand.

Among these, the Public Relations method of promoting their business is the most efficient and quick way to success. They help in identifying any unnoticed issues, changing the negative perspective of the customers, building trustworthy relationships and voicing out the business to the public. One of the main procedures in their strategies involves, in offering lifestyle and travel guidelines for people.

The Importance of Public Relations in Hotels

Most of the Hotels neglect the Public Relations industries and focus more on advertising. They fail to comprehend the importance and vitality of the PR agencies.  Public Relations agencies play the best role in making effective strategies that underscore the success of any kind of business.

The PR agencies in Hotels lead optimizing campaigns in for multinational hotels, resorts and spa brands.  By providing a broad awareness and building loyal relationship with the business’ clients, the Public Relations Agencies aims at bringing success and enlarges the visibility of the brand.

The Benefits of PR Agencies in Hotels

Public Relations are the most economical optimizing solution in the Hotel Industry. They not only reach out to a wide range of audience but also aid in building a well-reputed image for their clients. They also are good at stimulating demands and driving positive traffic towards the required business. Public Relations agencies always make sure to provide the upper hand among all the competitors in the industry.

The Role of Digital Public Relations

There are so many different sectors of Public Relations Agencies who work hard for the development and betterment of their client’s brands. They form the essential part of the successful marketing strategies.

Digital Public Relations use social technologies and digital media to bring reputation and appeal customers to a brand. Their strategies help to increase online visibility by building firm rapports with journalists, key content writers in order to bring their business into the limelight of media and internet. Any brand with a Digital PR takes a positive turn into Search Engine Visibility and drives increased traffic.

Features of Digital Public Relations

There are many tools used by the Digital Public Relations for marketing and promoting brands. Most of the typical tools used include the social media approaches, blogs, websites, newspaper, television and magazines. The most important are the press release and the media release. Content marketing and SEO are the prime features of the Digital Public Relations.

Benefits of Digital PR

Public Relations are normally known for earning reputation and success for a business. Digital Public Relations helps in increasing the trustworthiness and creditability, hike sales conversions, ROI and brand equity.

Increase Visibility

Digital Public Relations enhances the brand visibility throughout media and internet. The blogs, press release and other content articles that are distributed in the internet will prove the best of your brand and mark recognition for it. The content plays the main role to bolster the visibility of the brand.

Social Media

Many companies form their large brand names and reputation through the social media. It brings good exposure and transparency to the public, ensuring that your message is transported to a large number of audiences.

Time and Money Saver

Digital Public Relations is always cheaper and best at its resource. Print marketing and advertising is a quite more expensive than Digital PR. Another advantage to add is that Digital PR reaches a large target of audience than the other groups.

Identity of the Brand

The best way to approach customers is by the content that you produce, the way you communicate and reach out to them. With unique, catchy and informative content can appeal customers and build the brand’s reputation with its unique identity.

Increase and track ROI

Analytical tools help in tracking the ROI of the Digital PR. This seems to be much easier the Traditional PR. The in-depth statistics can be easily traced with the Digital Public Relations.

Appeals to Customers

Digital Public Relations approaches and bring customers to the business at a faster rate. The blogs, magazines, articles, videos and other content marketing tools help in boosting the brand’s name and reputation.

Public Relations as a Career in Dubai

Public Relations in Dubai are well known for giving a unique approach to promoting your brand in a positive environment, delivering authenticity and best user experience.

They bring the best benefits to different business sectors with their global expertise and local knowledge that is gained from years of experience in service.

From understanding the client’s business to targeting and optimizing results they commit themselves to making perfect strategies in bringing innovative solutions.

A business with Public Relations Agencies benefit on many terms such as increased ROIs, Journalist links, Internet and Media visibility and making you a top competitor.

Scope of Public Relations

While most of the business finds it hard to bring valid recognition to their brand, they rack their brains in planning to promote their products or services.

Public Relations on the other hand, often goes unnoticed, irrespective of this Public Relations still has a good scope for a successful business.

Public Relations start-ups have grown rapidly and have gained increased profits for a well successful business and career.

It all depends on their skill and specialization in the work and strategies that they perform. To gauge the importance of Public Relations, it is necessary to indicate its scope.

As a career, the Public Relations Agencies evaluate the opinions and attitudes of large brands and their public.

They are well specialized in formulating and implementing policies and procedures to reach the intended target audience. They make the right strategies for tackling and communicating with the public.

The prime function of the Public Relations is holding a good rapport with the business as well as their public.

They tend to develop goodwill through two-way communication fostering a healthy relationship between the firm and its public.

Benefits of Public Relations

The Business of different sectors tends to receive a wide spectrum of benefits from Public Relations Agencies. There are so many benefits to say, some main benefits are stated below:

  • Cost effective and most economical in reaching out a large target audience
  • Builds a strong, positive and reputed image of the brand
  • Brings demand for business and its products and services
  • Boosts and power up the bottom-line results of a company
  • Raises the business above other competitors without PR agencies

Public Relations are always on a safer and fruitful side than the advertising agencies. They bring valuable benefits with recognition to the company. It brings strong creditability to your business and considerably pushes up the traffic of your website.

The Significant Role of Public Relations in Healthcare

Public Relations power up business across the world, by presenting it to the consumers in an intellectual and creative way. With the help of Public Relations, large and small administrators can promote their business globally. Having a Public Relations agency has many advantages that would boost up businesses. Public Relations not only help to raise the profile of the business but also help to bring good recognition to the business as well.

How do Public Relations benefit the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry plays an important role in everybody’s life. It benefits the customer as well as the organizer. In this industry, to reach a large target of an audience, the Public Relations reach out individually to the audience with the most appropriate techniques. They present benefits of the products and services that help the customers to live a better, healthier and a more comfortable life.

Most of the PR campaigns stimulate the audience by sending the audience individualized messages. They build the brand and present it exclusively to the customers, helping to build the company’s reputation rapidly. They provide accurate advice to the healthcare industry in helping them make important decisions in the marketing and communicating strategy.  The best benefit of all is the hike in the sales conversions and company’s visibility. With the help of the PR agencies, you will receive a high escalation in the growth and development of the business.

The Advantages of PR in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry the public relations are of great importance. They help and handle the internal and external communications of the healthcare organizations for the betterment of the customers as well as the organization. The multiple audiences in the healthcare industry require different kinds of products and services that should be addressed to them individually.

The PR plays a significant role by innovatively and intellectually using their skills to address the business. They put in their strategies to achieve bigger media coverage for their clients and their potential customers. This helps the business generate demand and profit to a large scale. Public Relations are innovative and a fast-paced industry, they put their plans into action with original ideas and talented individuals.

On the long-term, a PR agency in any industry helps to bring large investments and visibility through media, internet and globally.  The PR in the Healthcare industry is a big benefit for any person. They not only promote the brand but also bring awareness of health and necessities of life. In conclusion, Public Relations are professionals well experienced and acquainted in getting your business a huge success.


Public Relations in India after Demonetization

Public Relations in India

Public Relations agencies play the main role in advertising, marketing and promoting large brands in India mainly via the media and internet. India with a developing democracy and growing economy has room only for improvement. PR agencies in India have an innovatively skilled agenda of building bonds and bridges to foster relationships between the organizations and the public.  

Public Relations have reached all the sectors including young industrialists fighting to establish stalwarts and complete with the whole environment of entrepreneurs in need to positively assert their position in the industry. India has the best ground for the PR industry. They use their expertise in revolutionizing the client-customer interactions of multiple organizations and audience.

Demonetization in India

Demonetization has made a huge impact in India. Whether the impact is positive or negative it has influenced all the industries and common daily lives of people. Demonetization has a long-standing relationship in India. It foresees India as a future without cash where payment id digitized and privatized globally.

The PR industry after Demonetization:

One of the largest industries in India is the Public Relations Agencies. They play a major role in building the reputation of many brands across India, across the globe. They campaign and connect to the public thus play an important part in building the economy and status of the country. They have a rich expertise in understanding the social media, communicative techniques and take a strong move in dynamic campaigns for best-optimizing results.

Their strategies positively influence the public and the private sectors of the society. One of the key ingredients in the strategies of the Public Relations agencies is the Reputation Management. They work hard to bring good recognition and reputation to the brands and clients that they process on. They are also vigilant on the reviews and ratings of the particular brand from the public, and they strive to retain a good name for their clients.

The PR firms find a massive impact the industry as they find it difficult to approach the public with unstable budget allowances. It seemed hard for the agencies to make development in their business and confronting the public seemed to be an even tougher job with unstable budget allowances. To make matters worse, the relationships and communications have lost much of its power in the industry. With a tight budget at hand, the proposals and campaigns of certain companies have slowed down thus making a huge impact in the PR Firms. As a solution, Public Relations agencies have gone to the bottom of demonetization by uplifting the conversions and calculating the lost revenue.  This helps the PR agencies in making good differences in various industries and stabilizing budgets with their best optimizing strategies.